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The site is very nice and is my favorite. But people have a misconception about this site, they think it is a site to sell services for only $ 5. This is a mistake, because you can put the service you want and the amount you want.

Fiverr is very similar to Upwork and also has an independent site that gives you the ability to set up the service you want to sell, and customers will contact you to do it for them. Your money will be guaranteed by the Fiverr team, and they will pay you immediately after confirming the completion of the service.

What I like about Fiverr, is that you can describe your video service. Also, you can put 3 packages or packages: Standard, Deluxe and Premium and choose the price for each and sell them.

In addition, people earn a fortune from this site only. I know a designer who earns more than $ 10,000 a month through the Pfeiffer site only, and there are a lot more people who earn more than he does.

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