The Best Programming Languages ​​To Learn In 2019: PHP

Be sure to learn the exploitation of the Internet and especially the programming languages ​​is a very profitable field, rich in information sources and daily updates. As the developments in the regular programming languages ​​do not end, and every day new programming languages ​​based on previously adopted or newly invented algorithms appear.

We can not judge that the language of software is better than the other language objectively, because each language uses and lovers of use and specialists make them wonder. That we must agree that developers must eventually learn more than one language.

When it comes to common programming languages, PHP is another option that always stays popular every year, mainly because it plays a key role in a vital domain found important: web programming and server-side scripting. According to statistics, more than 75% of all sites use PHP in some way.

It is also used by WordPress, which has helped increase its popularity as a web language, and the famous Wikipedia site also uses it. Often used by developers to transfer databases or use SQL.

Also, as long as these languages ​​are popular in their respective areas, for instance Java in their fields and PHP also in their specialties, it is very difficult for a new language to get all this popularity.

Who uses PHP?

PHP shines as the language of a web application on the server side, so it’s no surprise that WordPress, Wikipédia, and Yahoo use it to meet many of their needs.

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