The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020

The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020

Do you want to start a successful business? The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020. And Make a fortune from these businesses.

The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020, are rising up very fast. And, some people started making money from them.

So, what are waiting for?

The best thing about these businesses, is that you can start them even if you are not 18. A 13 years old kid can start making money, at least from one business from them.

Also, making money is about opportunities and how to use them. We will go point by point by these businesses and show you, how to use these opportunities. In order to earn real money from real businesses.

Most Millionaires are entrepreneurs. These businesses will make you a millionaire.

Also, the 3 businesses of them are proven and tested by a lot of millionaires. They are using them to make real and fast money.


  • Affiliate marketing as one of The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020:

The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020

The number one business that you can start today. It is the fastest growing niche in the entire world right now.

And, this is the Affiliate marketing field. The important thing about it, that it keeps growing over years.

It has grown over 40% in 2019, and it will grow more in 2019 and 2020.

The idea here, is that companies got tired from advertising and keep hoping of getting leads, or not. They want direct customers, and if you can bring clients. Who will buy the final product, you can make a fortune.

What I love about affiliate marketing, is that you don’t need to make your own product. You won’t negotiate with suppliers, neither check the cheapest raw materials. Or the cheapest workers, and you won’t need to pay any taxes…etc.

All you concern will be about marketing, how to market the product and bring leads.

Also, you will find a lot of ways to know how to market the product.

The second thing is that there are websites that brings you products. And, will pay you to market these products.

In addition, you will need only to register, choose a product and start promoting it.



The website, is the best affiliate marketing platform, that will make you a fortune and too many people make a lot of money from this website.

You will find here hundreds of products and a lot of categories, that you will choose from and start selling it. You will be paid so good, and sometimes you will get more than 50% from the product price. For example, the company is selling a product for $100, you will take it and promote it and get $50, $60 or even $70 just for that product. Which allow you to focus on some niches and master these niches and start making an income from selling them.

First thing that you must do, is to choose a niche, and we recommend health, wealth and relationships. Because, these niches are the most profitable niches at and they are much easier to be promoted than other niches.

After that, it is better to create a sales funnel or a landing page. That will allow you to gather data and build your database of clients. So, you will start learning you niche and know what people will like and what they won’t love.

Then, it comes the most important part is how to promote? Experts recommend paid ads, like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, I recommend that you start using email marketing.

From your sales funnels and landing pages, you will gather your clients’ emails, then keep sending them products there. Make some paid campaigns there, and keep testing and scaling these ads, which will bring you targeted customers. And, give them offers, discounts and coupons to encourage them to buy from your affiliate link.

ClickBank, allows to choose a category, for example health or fitness and choose the popular products there. You can see what other affiliates are selling and choose what will suit you and every time someone buys from your affiliate link; you will get your commission. And, it is total free.

Also, it is an amazing platform that can makes you six figures in a single month. Yeah! That is true, and a lot of people are doing from only.

The best thing about ClickBank is that it has a lot of products. Over 4200 hot products that can pay you money and make you a millionaire.

Another thing that we recommend is to search for programs. Or courses that will pay you monthly.

Which means that you will make a passive income stream of money.

Also, you are building a base of clients who are ready to pay you money. Every month or year, or even every time you bring a new product.



Another great website is DIGISTORE one of the best affiliate marketing websites. You can join it as a marketer and start getting paid.

The great thing about is that it has recurring programs.

Also, they pay through Payoneer or PayPal. And they provide hundreds of products in different niches.

In addition, it is a worldwide website that accept all countries. And provides high rates for all countries.

Even their conversion rates are high, which is good.


    Social Media Influencer as the best 3 businesses that you can start in 2020:

The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020

Why is it a business? And How to Start a Social Media Influencer Business?

Social Media influencer is a fast-growing business. And it is a trend now.

Promote Businesses in The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020:

The main use for social media, beside following people and subscribing to others. Is that we use it for Ads and Promotions…etc.

To bring targeted people to your business, is a very hard job to do. It needs a lot of testing and campaigns.

So, businesses search for a media influencer to show their ads. They pay high amounts for that.

The important thing is that influencers have high credibility in their niches. And people trust their ideas about products or services.

So being a businessman or marketer, you must search for influencers in your niche.

And, you will pay them depends on their content, followers and engagement.

If you have a lot of subscribers doesn’t mean that you will be paid higher.

Here, businesses check the engagement with your posts, and the content that you are showing there.

And of course, if you have the power of negotiating.


Promote you own products:

You can start your own business. Selling your own products or services.

A lot of influencers in Instagram and Facebook, are using their account for Dropshipping.

Without the need of having products. And you won’t manage the inventory.

Even the cost of ads will be nothing, because you are using your own base.

You are promoting to your own people.

The hard part will be at the first, to build a credibility and a base of followers.

They must trust you and trust you content. So, you won’t promote any products at first to keep growing.

Try to give value at first, you can think of quotes or designs.

And react fast with your followers’ needs and problems.


Promote affiliate products:

We spoke about the credibility that a social media influencer has. And the trust that followers carry to you.

So, as a social media influencer you can promote anything. And the affiliate products can make a you millionaire in a very fast time.

It is the easiest thing to do, just choose a product, service or a recurring program. And start your monetization.

Also, you can use just your daily stories for promotions. Only 24 hours promotions and there are no limits for that.


Online Teaching:

The Best 3 Businesses That You Can Start In 2020

Before explaining that, online teaching means that you will explain something that you know, or experiment to an audience.

That easy! We are not speaking about going to school everyday and fight with kids…etc.

You must have heard about Udemy, Skillshare and more. These are platforms for online teaching, you will find some courses for cooking. Which means that you can teach anything.

In addition, it is a very fast-growing online business. That you can start developing yourself in it.

Also, you can fix your own prices from 9.99$ or even 0.99$ to whatever you want.

And, what I love about it is that you won’t need any capital or expenses.

For the content, you will find a lot of channels in Youtube. They are explaining something there.

These videos are courses, that you can use for information. And start developing your own videos and courses.

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