How To Make Easy Passive Income ?

Do you want to sit at home and continue to make money? Best sources of passive income

Who does not like sitting at home and continuing to make money? It’s very hard to believe that someone is making money, by not doing anything at all. But, in order to begin to achieve this passive income, you need time and hard work. Should now begin to implement these sources and work them, they are the best sources of passive income.

Once you implement those chosen processes, which they are the best fruitful income sources and it’s also very rewarding. We will share with you the best passive income sources that will reward you today.


Passive Income

To make easy passive income, you must implement those chosen processes :


  1. Start Investing Now !

  2. Peer to peer lending

  3. Use Deal & Survey sites

  4. Cash-Back Reward Points

  5. Sell Pictures

  6. Start Writing your Book

  7. Invest In Real Estates

  8. YouTube Videos

  9. Blogging

  10. Online Courses


  1. Start Investing Now & Make a passive income

The first thing you should know is that you will not need much money to start investing. Whether you have $ 50, $ 100, $ 500 or more. You can start today multiply this amount of money and start making use of this investment.

To invest your money, you can choose from a lot of assets. But the best option for many investors is equity, that’s right. You can choose many stock exchanges online or go directly to the stock market in your country, as you will find that many banks and financial agencies offer trading directly on the stock exchange. Also, you have a lot of other options like: mutual funds or ETFs or stock dividends that will pay you on a consistent basis.

In addition, you can find a lot of consultants or online service providers, giving you the best investment for you. The best examples are: Betterment, Wealthfront, Acorns, Robinhood, Ally Invest, E-Trade, etc. So, you can just sit down and let them choose the right option for you and keep earning a negative income.


Passive Income Sources


2. Peer to peer lending


One of the great options, that provide a great passive income is the Peer-to-Peer Lending. You can be the bank, and act as a financial institution.

Instead of asking the bank for loans, you will allow customers to get microloans (sometimes less than $100) and charge your interest.

The top two peer-to-peer lenders to check out are LendingClub and Prosper. You can start today with both, and just sit down and keep earning passive income.


3. Use Deal & Survey websites


Deal & Survey Websites

Yeah, that is true! You can take advantage of a lot of surveys sites, like: Swagbucks, InboxDollars and MySurvey. What I love about these sites is that you won’t need any experience.

You will be asked to answer some question, do some simple tasks or even watch videos while you are sitting home, watching TV or drinking coffee.

Even if this option can be very simple, and easy to do for a lot people. But, it provides a lot of passive income and great amount of money for a lot of people.


4. Cash-Back Reward Points


Cash Back websites

This is a very innovative source of passive income. That will allow to make your normal shopping, buy what you always buy and make money on side or get free offers.

You can start taking advantage of cash-back points and keep making passive income. You will find a lot of cash-back sites like: Ebates & Ebay Club, that provide some great cash-back percentage.

These cash-back rewards points can be used also for: airline miles, hotels or even gasoline station. And, you can get the cash.

Another option is that you can get these rewards on your credit cards, then you can pay for your cell phone bill, satellite bill, Netflix, groceries or gasoline through your credit cards and we get back tons of reward points. Which will allow you to travel, pay for hotels, meals and airlines…etc. for free, because you got tons of reward points.

Why is that a passive income? Take a sec and think with me, you will do something that you will already begin with, you are already buying something important. Then, you will just sit down and enjoy the passive income.


5. Sell Pictures To Make Easy Passive Income:


This is very fun, and it is a great way to make passive income. What if I tell you that you can sell your personnel pictures?

Yeah, that is true! You can sell personnel or professional pictures and make a great amount from this business.


One of the best platforms is IStock, that will sell your pictures for marketing agencies, film makers, youtubers, web developers…etc. And pay you for these pictures. We all love travelling and take nature pictures or even daily pictures. Those pictures can be sold and make a passive income.

You will be sitting home and making money for years, for pictures of things, people, food or nature. And, there are a lot of platforms that sell pictures and give you high cash on these pictures.


6. Start Writing your Book to make passive income :



Wait a second, and don’t be afraid because, it can be something very simple to write and publish your own book.


We all agree that it can take some time at the first time, but it can generate a lifetime passive income. You will be able to sit back, watching Netflix or TV and getting your book sold. And, the best example for that, is the amazon books or other books sellers.

Today, we have a huge demand on books, digital books, experience books…etc. And, you won’t need to make a huge advertising, just a great cover and good content and let it work.

Start searching for the best niche for you, sell a physical book or an eBook, that can make more money than the book. And, it is too easy to publish your book in the amazon kindle program.

And, guess what? You can make over six figures just by selling eBooks, like the case of Mike Piper, blogger at obliviousinvestor. He makes over 6 figures selling just some eBooks. You must get the book done and get it out there.


7. Invest In Real Estates To Make Easy Passive Income :


Make a passive income from Real Estates

The first choice of passive income for a lot of rich people in the whole world, because of the low risk for them.

And, there are too many ways to start getting passive income from real estate, you must understand it very well before starting depending on it.

One of the innovative ways to get involved in real estates, is to rent them using Booking or Airbnb, that allow you to get clients with a very great price.

Also, you can buy and sell properties or rent them directly to people and keep collecting money.

Another option is to keep an agency in charge of this investment and manage your properties. Just sit down and keep getting this passive income.

Keep in mind, that you can face different difficulties to enter this market, that why we recommend asking someone for his help, and if you get a mentor, that is will be helpful.


8. YouTube Videos as a passive income source :


Make Money on YouTube as Passive income

Millions of people use YouTube everyday whether to watch videos or to upload new ones. Which makes it the best platform to make passive income from it.

YouTube allows users to create content and make money, from a program called Google Adsense. And, it pays for views, they will use your video to show some ads and you will make money.

Therefore, Google encourages people to be content creators on its platform “YouTube” and put their time and effort to create good content.

You can google the famous people on YouTube and see how much their making as income, just for games videos or makeup videos or even vlogs. A lot of channels allow their owners to make more $1M a year and even more.

You can start now creating great content and do some high quality videos and let their and watch that they will start making money after a while and allow to be sitting back on your couch making money.


9. Blogging is a source of passive income :


best passive income sources

Do you know how much money you can make online? And do you that you keep making money from one article for 5 years and more? That is why it is one of the best passive income sources.

You can bring more over 6 figures from a normal blog, that provide great content.

We will show you how to start a blog and develop it and start earning from it. From 0 to one, just subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive it.

Millions of blogs are working and making great amounts, and it still a great opportunity in the market. We will show you how to choose the best niche, and everything.

So, if you are interested in making $1000 from blogging, be sure to subscribe to our list and check your email. It is totally free.


10. Online Course:


Make a passive income from online course

This is very exciting, because you can make money from anything that you know already. People are making money from cooking courses, piano courses or even language courses. And, they are selling a lot of courses and keep making passive income for years.

The best thing is that you can choose the price that will suit you. And there are a lot of platforms that will bring customers to you without the need of too many advertisings. The best platforms that I recommend are: Udemy and Skill Share, that have a huge data of customers and students.

Also, you will be able to build an email marketing lists, that you can automated it after that and keep making passive income from these courses.

You can start today by sharing anything that you now and choose a price for it and start selling it.


There are too many ways to start making passive income and enjoy it, we shared just the best ways with you. But keep in mind, that you need always to diversify your investment, choose different markets and companies. Which allow you to cover a very low risk, and make sure income at least from one of them.

Also, remember that you don’t make money off ideas, ideas are very good, and they are the first step. But, you can make money from implementing those ideas. So, start today and keep in mind that the market still very empty and you have the potential to take your place with everyone.


All right, I love to help you more. So, feel free to communicate with us in the comments by answering those questions:


What passive income idea have you implemented?


How much are you making?


How long did it take until you started earning passive income?



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