The best programming languages ​​for learning in 2019: C


What’s new is that with C programming language, I have seen many changes and developments from C to C ++, but it seems that the origin is the most popular.

It is very high, especially in the TIOBER index. Although C is very old and developed in the 1970’s, it is still very much used today, especially as a basic symbol for Linux operating systems.

 Although poorly regarded by many programmers in front of some of the most popular modern languages, such as Python, their appreciation by developers who build high performance results is not permanent.

C also has similarities with other languages, such as Java, which were originally inspired by the C language. You can not do without it, C specialists are useful everywhere. Just look at the likes of RedHat and Apple, which use C to work directly with operating systems.

For this reason, it is very common to find a lot of professional C programmers who master many other languages ​​as well. However, when it comes to high performance applications or embedded programming, many of these developers are still moving to C for best results.

C is also found in some surprising places. Bloomberg uses it to manage their own databases, while Google’s open source community often develops, creates and shares projects in C.

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