Best programming languages ​​for learning in 2019: Java

Java is the most widely used programming language, and it is certain that millions of people familiar with the Internet know a lot about it. It is a language invented by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems in 1991. It is also one of the oldest programming languages ​​that are still working today.

 Java was undoubtedly one of the biggest winners when it came to popular code language. As it was at the top of the TIOBER index for some time, the “Tyobi Index of the most popular programming languages”. In part because of the already large software, products and solutions already designed in the language. We do not expect this to change much, even in the future.

Despite the growing popularity of other software languages, the high demand for them is that companies will still need Java experts to move forward. Part of the reason why Java is popular is that it is powerful. Whether you’re creating web applications, mobile software, or a traditional desktop solution, Java can do this, so it’s great for development across platforms. That’s why companies like Nordea Bank choose to use Java as much as possible – they know it’s very powerful and effective.

Java is another popular option in large enterprises and has been for decades. Java is widely used to build enterprise-wide web applications. Java is also known to be highly stable, making it a choice for many large companies. If you are looking for a development-based job in a large organization, Java is the language you should learn.

The important thing is that Java is also widely used in the development of Android applications. Almost any business needs the Android app because there are billions of Android users today. This opens up a great opportunity for Java developers given the fact that Google has created an excellent framework for the development of Android based Java – “Android Studio”.

But there are a lot of programmers and experts who say that Java will be forgotten soon, especially after the introduction of Kotlin language. But it is still here and can be adopted side by side with Kotlin. Especially since the language Kotlin does not eliminate the existence of Java, but the evolution of its uses. In addition, according to the latest survey conducted by 2018 Stack OverFlow, Java is still ranked fifth in the programming languages ​​and programming section.

Who uses Java?

The real answer is, who is not? Google, Facebook, Youtube … It’s hard to be connected to the Internet without Java.

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