Best programming languages ​​for learning in 2019: GO

You always need the right tools to accomplish any easy or difficult task, when programming, it’s no different. You need to choose the appropriate programming language for the project. You can choose to do more, work more effectively, and avoid wasting more time because of incompatibility with what you’re trying to create. For the developer, knowing languages ​​that are increasingly popular is imperative, as they are the languages ​​that will undoubtedly be adopted in tomorrow’s applications and solutions. As such, the ability to programmatically adopt these languages ​​is the best way to ensure better and more creative work.

Go, also known as Golang, is a very simple language in its own writing like Python. Because it was developed by Google, they are also Python lovers. They have developed a simple scripting language like Python but are more effective like C ++.

Go provides better features for writing concurrent programs. In the era of writing multi-core applications, the Go application handles the need well and there is also built-in support for compatibility.

Combining the best aspects of functional and oriented programming, as well as a valuable set of integrated development tools. Some good and famous projects are used, for example, by kubernetes and Ethereum Cryptozoic.

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