8 Free Ways To Make Money Online


Here are 8 Free Ways to Make Money Online if you are broke. You will just some time, and dedication you make significant amounts of money.

Most people believe in that saying of, it takes money to make money. But this is not true and we will show you exactly, how to make money online and even if you are broke.

More than that, you can make money if you don’t have even a credit card. That is true and don’t need some magic tricks or miracles.

Working from home is the best real and quick way to do that. And we will walk you step-by-step to make money online from your home.

All what is required from you, is to create something special and start earning some real money. And make easy passive income on the internet.


Free Ways To Make Money Online


You know about t-shirts, custom t-shirt designs, print in demand t-shirts and so on.

This is why we need tools like Teespring, to create designs on t-shirts.

These t-shirts will be printed and sold for customers. Which will make you easy profit.

The good thing about Teespring is that you won’t need any technical skills. You won’t need to take pictures to you printed t-shirts. Or even print anything.

Teespring will do all the work for you, it allows you to upload designs.

They will get paid, print the t-shirt, collect the money and fulfil the product.

Then, they will give you a cut of the profit for each sale, without even doing the hard work.

So, the most important thing is to create designs.

The cool thing about Teespring is that it has a top seller’s section, that we will use to get ideas for our new designs.

We can check them and get new and trending ideas. Also, we can check the Amazon Merch for designs and ideas.

Another advice from us, is to check the trends and make your designs based on them.

For example, there is an election campaigns in your country, or a new trending movie or something like that.

The design is so important and you can upload as many designs as you want. So, test all the ideas that you have.

In addition, Teespring is an easy platform, is literally as easy as just signing up and uploading a design right.

Many millionaires who made huge amounts from Teespring, use Freelancer websites to get designs.

They use Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer…etc. Which allows them to gain time.

Don’t worry about how much money you will spend here. Because it will be an investment from your previous earning from the same platform.

Also, for $5 you can create a trendy t-shirt design and start selling it. You will find very talented graphic designers who can do the work for only $5.

The great thing about Internet, is that there are always freeways. And, we love the freeways.

Just google: create a design online, or get a free online design, or even an online logo…etc.

The hard part comes when you need to market your designs. You can of course use the Teespring base and sell you t-shirts.

But you can make more sales, by creating a Social Media profiles.

This is so easy, start a Facebook page and an Instagram account. And start publishing viral content.

To grow a big base won’t take a long time, and of course not a lot of work.

And all you need to do, is put the link of your Teespring product in your bio. Or, in the description with a good title.

Also, people love to wear t-shirts that show how they feel about some topics. And, that show how strongly their personalities are.

Beside this, we can come up with some creative ways to bring ideas.

To create some viral t-shirts, Google Trends can be our best guide to do that. Google Trends gives us an idea about trending topics based on google searches.

So, that can be good to get ideas about trending t-shirt design. Just go to google trends and search for t-shirt, you will find related queries with new topics and ideas.

Now, let’s show you different t-shirts that made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The first one here made over $300,000. That is true! All that his creator needed was the design, and even he just copied the niche.

SCIENCE Doesn’t Care What You Believe

As you can see, it is not so special. Anyone can do the same thing and start earning same amount of money. Or even more earnings.

Second one, it has gone viral and made over $200,000.


Mess with My Daughter and Meet the Lord!


Both of these creators chose print-on-demand platforms. And, they let the experts do the hard job.

They focused on selling their ideas only, and made easy online money.


  • Instagram:

Free Ways To Make Money Online


The second free way to make money online even if you are broke. It is a very known social media platform, Instagram. This is not just a social media application. And, it is one of the biggest tools to build businesses, influencers, and customers’ bases.

Just by searching inside your following people inside your account. You will find a lot of account of normal people, artists, players, businesses…etc.

All these people use the same ways to make money from their accounts.

One of these ways is to promote other accounts, products, videos or even websites.

First thing to do in order to make money from Instagram. You must build a professional profile with a big base of subscribers. This is the best way to do that.

Choose a niche today that you love to create content on it. Follow the exact method in the article to know how to grow your followers.

Then, a lot of companies will contact you to promote their products and services. Or, you can contact them by yourself and start negotiating your price.

Obviously, you won’t get 1 million followers overnight, but you can get a good number of followers. And, the most important thing is that they will be interested in certain niche.

Which is so important for companies, they need buyers not just views.

You can of course guarantee that for them, because you are building your followers by content and targeting.

To get content for your account, you can go to Reddit, Twitter or Facebook.

You know your niche and you know your followers better that anyone. Also, you know what they like, and what content will they interact with.

In addition, you can earn money by a lot of ways:

You can create your own store, and start promoting your own products.

Then, you can promote others’ products, and get paid as commissions.

Also, you can create blog and be paid for visitors. By promoting your own articles, and put ads inside them.


They must trust you and trust you content. So, you won’t promote any products at first to keep growing.

Try to give value at first, you can think of quotes or designs.

And react fast with your followers’ needs and problems.



  • Merch by Amazon:


This is the Amazon version of Teespring, which allow you to make money online.

Yes, Merch by Amazon will allow you to upload your designs directly to Amazon.

Amazon will handle the fulfillment, print the designs on t-shirts for you and get paid.

You will get your commission based on every sale you get.

What is good about Amazon, is their base of clients. That you can use to promote your products without even doing anything.

Their affiliate association program, and the number of marketers that they have. Will do the job for you.

An advice, a lot of experts advises you to choose politics niches.

For example, designers made 6 figures profit just by selling, trump election related designs.

Just by searching for trump election t-shirts, you will find so many designs. Either they love Donald Trump or not.

In order to use the most of Amazon base, and get their customers buy from you. You must have reviews, and this depends on your niche.

In some niches, you will need just 10 reviews to be the first in list. And other niches, you will need more reviews to a place in the first page.

So, let Amazon take care of everything instead of you. And, it will leverage millions and millions for you.

Also, Merch by Amazon allows you to upload design for: hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts…etc.

And, of course you will take advantage of Amazon’s millions of visitors each day. Who are targeted, and come to Amazon only to spend money.

Another niche that made big sales, is Halloween. We all know that sales grow in Halloween. And, especially hoodies and t-shirts sales.


Free Ways To Make Money Online


We recommend that you start a blog. If you want to make money online, blogging is a good choice for you.

Blogs made so many 6 figures online businesses. And, the good thing is that it doesn’t need money to start.

Also, there are some simple and easy ways to create simple blogs.

You can create them with Weebly, Blogger…etc.

But you will do more efforts in content and backlinks, if you want better results.

Remember that the content is the king. It is required to start a niche blog and start writing in that niche.

To earn money, so many ways you can follow. The best way to do that is to show ads in your posts.

We recommend that you check:


Free Ways To Make Money Online

You can start with it. It is the best paying advertising platform.

AdSense is a google platform, working a long time ago. Millions of people are making significant amounts of money with it.

There are so many alternative methods to put their ads inside your website.

The easiest one to get accepted with and show their ads inside your blog is:

Propeller Ads.

It is a great platform, with so many ads types. They have banners, pop ads, push notifications, onclick ads, interstitials, smart links…etc.

Sign up here.


Infolinks: Free Ways To Make Money Online

It is a great company for blogs. But it is hard to get accepted in it.

You must have a high content quality to be part of their team, and start making a stable revenue.

They provide a unique ad technology, and great solutions.

They have been working online since 2007, which makes them very trustful.


The second way to monetize your blog, is by promoting affiliate links and products.

We explained how to do that with Clickbank, and Amazon Association Program.

Also, you can promote links and services. For example, you are writing about travel niches. Then, you can promote coupons about some airplane’s companies, or something like that.

These two ways can make you a millionaire overnight. Just focus and try developing each one of them.


Now, the good part and the hard one. How to bring traffic to your blog?

By saying traffic, we mean the number of visitors to your blog.

We have explained Instagram, which can be a great source of bringing high quality traffic to your website.

Also, we will speak about Pinterest, and the way that you can promote you blog using it.

Facebook can be a good marketing tool for your website. Millions of people come from Facebook pages.

Also, it is easy to grow a Facebook fans page, and start redirecting traffic to your blog.

In addition, you must develop you SEO to get high ranking in search engines.

The SEO, search engines optimization allows you to rank higher that your competitors. Based on some keywords, this is the best way to keep getting free traffic.

We are speaking about the Free Ways To Make Money Online, but you can use the paid ways. When you start earning your first payments.

Free Ways To Make Money Online

Pinterest is not just a social media platform. But it is a 6-figure affiliate marketing method, to make money online.

It provides a huge traffic for so many niches. That you can use to bring traffic for affiliate links and make money.

By combining the free Pinterest traffic with affiliate marketing.

Pinterest is huge and interesting database of images and interesting topics. Which good, because it will provide high quality traffic for your business.

Over 80% of its data are women, which also nice. Because, usually females love to spend money on everything. And, especially they spend money online, and they are easier to interact with your publicity.

In addition, Pinterest is a search engine. Visitors use it to search for topics and new stuffs.

To make money from it, you will need to upload images with your links.

The first way to earn money with, is to promote affiliate links.

Pinterest is a great way to generate high quality traffic, and it can be the best way to get high conversion rate.

You can use Amazon association program to do that. And we will explain it in this article.

The second way is to promote your own products.


The same method, just you will need to have your own products. It will be better to have your store.

And use Pinterest as one of your traffic steams.


Another way to earn money from Pinterest, is to promote your blog articles.

Pinterest can be very profitable, if you use to promote articles.

And make money from AdSense, and other adverting platforms.

All you need to focus on is content, and we explained how to do that above.


To use the most of Pinterest, you have to upload great images. Try to create a bright, colorful picture in high definition. And, it must be in a rectangle shape, which performs the best on Pinterest.

This is will attract clicks and shares, and will grow your image rankings.

Then, add hashtags inside the description. To get in these keywords.

Beside the Amazon Association Program, you can check ClickBank. That provides so much products, and much higher commissions, up to 70% in some cases.


  • Amazon Association Program: Free Ways To Make Money Online

Free Ways To Make Money Online


The huge Amazon provides another way to make money online. And, what is good about Amazon, is that it provides tools that allow anyone to be millionaire.

Amazon Association Program is the Amazon affiliate program. That allows you to get commission by promoting any product in Amazon.

We all know how huge Amazon is, by having so many categories and products.

It is free to sign up in Amazon Association Program, and getting a tracking code, to put after the product link.

The best thing about their affiliate link, is that it works with a cookie.

If anyone click your link, and visit the Amazon product page.

You will get commission if he bought anything from the whole Amazon. And, for all the next 24 hours.

Also, it is free to sign up with and start promoting any category of products you want.

In addition to that, customers trust Amazon, and they trust their quality of products.

Which makes it easier to promote the Amazon products.

We explained Pinterest, and the way that you can use to promote Amazon links.

Another platform that can be very interesting, is YouTube.

We will explain how to grow your YouTube channel, and build a base of followers.


  • YouTube: Free Ways To Make Money Online

Of course, that YouTube is not only a video platform. You watch millions of videos inside YouTube, and youtubers make millions of dollars.

That is true! It is a very profitable platform, and there are lot of ways to make money from it.

First way, is by uploading your own videos, and make money from views like everyone. The same platform, created by Google, the AdSense that pays you for these views. And it is one of the Free Ways To Make Money Online.

Second, lot of youtubers promote affiliate products inside their channels and get paid for that.

We see a lot of fashion youtubers, promote some makeup stuffs. They have been paid to do that.

Also, video gamers youtubers or technology boys. Even youtubers who do vlogs, sports…etc. Everyone is promoting products, places or online website to earn money.

The good thing about YouTube, is that is a search engine. Which means that the visitors are searching for solutions, to their problems.

And, if you create a video with this solution, with a great title and good picture. You will rank higher in less time and start earning good money.


  • ClickBank: Free Ways To Make Money Online

ClickBank is a very huge platform of products. Allowing you to promote any product you want.

It has been working with marketers, since a long time. And, we have so many millionaires who started with the same platform.

Their commissions are high, and they have good products to promote.

The good thing about it, is that it provides different niches, and categories.

Also, it is a very known company and a trustful one.

To promote these products, you can start your own blog. It is the bet way to do that.

Or, you can choose the easy way. And, start promoting it directly in your social media accounts and pages.


Finally, you can combine the powers of Merch by Amazon, Amazon Association Program, and Pinterest.

It is easier than it looks like. Do you think that you can create a t-shirt with Merch by Amazon, and get an affiliate link for it, then advertise it by making awesome, keyword-optimized pin for it?

Which can give your extra streams of money. By making more commissions on sales, and more traffic.

See, it doesn’t matter if you’re broke or you don’t have enough money. There is no excuse for not being creative, taking action, and not taking control of your financial life.

We wanted to prove that even if you don’t have money, you need just time and dedication. And, you will be able to build a money-making business model. That can make hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year.

These are the best free ways to make money online.


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